Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New View of Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving since I can remember has been a massive barrage of food that has been surrounded by aunts and uncles; grandma's and grandpa's; cousins and friends. The whole day has always been a social eating event followed by napping men on the couch watching,(listening) to football and chatting women in the kitchen washing dishes and getting the pie ready for dessert. I've always wanted to help those in need but never really had a family that promoted that sort of thing. In fact I remember a time when I was a teenager and I had worked the afternoon shift at a restaurant serving drinks and clearing plates for the Thanksgiving buffet. On my way home I saw a man on the freeway ramp hitchhiking. I had such a feeling of sadness, for how lonely he must be, overcome me. I walked into an overflowing home with the usual smell of stuffing and gravy greeting me at the door, I asked my mom if I could make a plate and take it to the man by the freeway entrance and she said that was too dangerous. I asked if maybe someone could go with me and that would make it safe, however no one was willing to leave their Thanksgiving ritual to accompany me to share some warm leftovers with a stranger.
Twenty years later those feelings are still very strong. So this year My husband and I and our four children decided to break the mold. We fore went the usual and stepped out of the comfort zone of the norm. We volunteered at our local senior center to serve the homeless, less-fortunate, or just lonely people that are in our area. When the serve-time was over and there were still a whole lot of left-overs, we took them door to door in an elderly apartment community. Thanksgiving dinner felt like it had so much more meaning when we arrived back home. The Turkey, stuffing and potatoes tasted so different because they were garnished with love. We now have a new tradition that we will continue throughout every holiday, helping those in need first, before we partake of our feast. We are so very blessed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This weekend my spouse and I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Phoenix Arizona and have a spectacular weekend together. Traveling is always an interesting time to observe the way you feel, the way others act, and how you react when things don't go exactly as you plan them. There is always the option to get grumpy and come UN-corked. My defense that I always start my trip off with, is a confident vision that everything will go smoothly.In airport lines you feel as if you are a sheep following the ewe ahead where ever the roped off maze leads. All different characters from all over the planet are alongside just trying to get through that security gate and make it into their plane seat before the captain closes the cockpit door. This weekend we encountered a tiny glitch in the security line when we were told that we had been chosen to undergo an extra and more thorough check of our bodies and our carry-on items. Apparently if you book a flight last minute and use different airlines for your departure and return flights this is a possibility. We were given bright red totes to put our shoes, belts etc.. as opposed to the usual grey totes that the rest of the passengers were getting. Next we were ushered into a "puffer machine" where we individually had to stand very still for a minute while puffs of air were blown all around, not sure the purpose of the machine, it made me laugh. Next we were taken to the special glass room where two very kind airport personnel went methodically through every thing we had with us. However violating it seems, with an open mind, knowing that the purpose is for our own security, and a also good humor; We went to our gate in a jovial mood with a good story to share. We are fortunate enough to work for a company that gives us the freedom to vacation and enjoy these funny little adventures through the airport. I am so grateful.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Changing Every Situation into a Positive One

With everything that is happening in the economy today, and with the big election right around the corner, leaving the house or answering the phone seems to be really tortuous lately. Home is definately a controlled environment where you can promote positive thoughts, words and deeds. You can keep the television and radio on good uplifting stations. However, "out there" is uncontrolled. Our thoughts and feelings create our world and it seems to me that lately every person that I come across wants to discuss the downward spiral of their world and I refuse to be sucked into the negativity. Changing the conversation to a positive subject is a little tricky at times. I find myself constantly searching my brain for "Where can I find a positive spin on this, or that?"

My answer to all of this is being in a pro-active state from the time you leave your front door. I try to be the one to start each conversation so that the subject matter is my choice. With every place I go to I have an attitude of kindness and generosity. Even a quick stop at the corner market is began with opening the doors for others and greeting each person with a smile and a positive attitude. If you are in an up-beat mood it is a little harder to be met with a negative conversation about anything. Even in your car you can show kindness by giving eachother room or letting others go first. To attract a better quality of life you start by giving lots and lots of goodness to everyone and suddenly all that comes back is Love.

Finally, We get to the number one reason I am so passionate about working from home. There is never a time that I am belittled or talked down to. My work environment is always a good one because I choose it to be. I get to pick those who comes into my business and promote a wonderful world to be a part of. If you are a Positive person who believes in "Paying it Forward", I would love for you to become a partner in business and spread positive light to this world. Join me by clicking this link to apply

Monday, October 20, 2008

Power Of Attraction

The Internet is a spectacular web of resources, knowledge, connections and opportunities. The energy that is created when I sign onto my blog is always structured with a few key elements. Excitement to share what I have learned so far. Hunger to learn more. Drive to create my online world bigger, better and more fun. Eagerness to meet new potential business partners. Join Me by clicking my link and putting in your email click here and join me

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Most Important things in Life...

1-The People that surround you and are joining you on your journey
2-The moments that are experienced and your memories of those moments
4-Experiences that excite us
5-Being at the right place at the right time
6-The Freedom to Create your life Exactly how you want it.
7-Comfort in your Every day Life
8-Peace where ever you are
9-Safety with every step
10-Knowledge to get you there

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fabulous Business Opportunity

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